GANG SETS: May include but not limited to: 59 Brims, 9 Trey Gangsters, SMM (Sex Money Murder), GKB (Gangsta Killer Bloods), Valentine Bloods
HISTORY: (West Coast Bloods): 
The Bloods gang was formed during the 1970s in the Compton area of California. According to NDIC reporting, Silver Scott is credited with forming the Piru Street gang and Benson Owens established the Westide Pirus. Both groups aligned with several neighborhood gangs in an attempt to unite against the Crips. The group subsequently became known as the West Coast Bloods.
UNITED BLOOD NATION HISTORY (East Coast Bloods): The United Blood Nation (UBN) gang was founded by two African-American males (Omar Portee and Leonard Mackenzie) while inmates at Rikers Island Prison, New York in 1993. The gang was initially formed to protect African-American inmates from the threat posed by Netas and Latin Kings gangs who dominated the prison. 
MEMBERSHIP: According to NDIC reporting in 2004, Bloods membership was estimated between 15,000 and 20,000.  According to NAGIA’s 2005 National Gang Threat Assessment, UBN membership is estimated at 5,000 in New York City and 7,000 nationwide.
LOCATIONS: Bloods gangs are located in the Southwest (Los Angeles, in particular), West Central, Pacific and, to a lesser extent, the Great Lakes and Southeast regions.  The United Blood Nation is heavily concentrated throughout New York City and their presence has expanded to other locations along the East Coast, Mid Atlantic, and Southeast regions. 



GANG SYMBOLS: include but are not limited to the following:  
- Five-point star(symbolizing the Bloods affiliation with People Nation), 
- "PIRU" (L.A. street name), 
- "DAMU" (Swahili for Blood), 
- "CK" (Crip killer) and various numbers representing Blood street sets.
SPORT APPAREL IDENTIFYERS:  Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Forty-Niners.
GRAFITTI: According to the Federal Gang Task Force in Long Island, New York, East Coast Blood identifiers may include graffiti such as "031" (I have love for you Blood). The letter "S" may be crossed out because it represents Slobs (an offensive expression for Bloods).
TATTOOS: May include the acronym M.O.B. (Member of Blood / Money Over Bitches), a dog paw mark (represented by three dots), a bulldog, and/or the letter "B" (Blood).

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