The NCGIA is proud to present the Partnership for a Gang Free North Carolina

Gang Free NC LogoGang Free North Carolina is a gang prevention, intervention, suppression and policy organization committed to developing, promoting and sustaining state-wide strategies, policies and laws that will reduce criminal gangs and the associated criminal activity, to include injury and death. Most importantly, a Gang Free North Carolina will aid and assist North Carolinians in every capacity in strategies and recommended programs to reduce gangs and gang violence.

A Gang Free North Carolina is committed to educating citizens and community leaders about the dangers of gangs by sharing our knowledge, resources and experience with them in order to prevent or eliminate gang activity in our state.


Community Information

Recognizing Gang Activity
in Your Community

Minimizing Gang Activity
in Your Community

Community Prevention Programs

Information Archives

Downloads for More Information

NCGIA Community Quick Reference Guide

NCGIA Gang Awareness Guide (English)

NCGIA Gang Awareness Guide (Spanish)

NCGIA Handout - Gangs of NC

Best Practices to Address
Community Gang Problems

NC Governor's Crime Commission
2008 Gang Assessment

Gang Awareness Guide:
Recognizing the Signs

Gangs and Drugs Fast Fact Brochure

Pocket Card for Parents (English)

Pocket Card for Parents (Spanish)



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